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Fake news and disinformation are just a few of the symptoms of whatís wrong. The problem is something far more fundamental. The problem is these vastly powerful algorithmic engines are blackboxes. And, at the business end of the operation, each individual user only sees what each individual user sees. The great lie of social media has been to claim it shows us the world. And the follow-on deception: That their technology products bring us closer together. In truth, social media is not a telescopic lens ó as the telephone actually was ó but an opinion-fracturing prism that shatters social cohesion by replacing a shared public sphere and its dynamically overlapping discourse with a wall of increasingly concentrated filter bubbles. Social media is not connective tissue but engineered segmentation that treats each pair of human eyeballs as a discrete unit to be plucked out and separated off from its fellows. Itís a trypophobicís nightmare. Or the panopticon in reverse ó each user bricked into an individual cell thatís surveilled from the platform controllerís tinted glass tower. Little wonder that lies spread and inflate so quickly via systems that are not only hyper-accelerating the rate at which information can travel but deliberately pickling people inside a stew of their own prejudices. - Natasha Lomas 2018