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Making Stuff Together! / Re: Help me fix a probably fried Topre Realforce R2
« Last post by Maledicted on Mon, 06 February 2023, 16:34:30 »
U16, labeled on the chip 14G1, is probably a voltage regulator. I'd start there since this would be the first component to see bad voltage coming in. It may have commited suicide in order to protect the other components. Well... so to speak.

I think the problem is even sourcing compatible replacement ICs. I couldn't find anything associated with that number with 5 legs. I wonder if asking Topre directly would even help.
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] DCS Reaper - In Production
« Last post by Puddsy on Mon, 06 February 2023, 16:21:54 »
So... Knowing that SP haven't been doing too great lately with 9009 and sol dark I decided to check my stuff that I received today and what a ****show it is. Went through at best 1/3 of the basekit and took pictures of the worst offenders. How is SP allowing this dog qc...

2 is a sprue mark and exists on basically every injection molded product you have ever bought. people complain about them less on GMK sets because they're on the back instead of the front and sides.

4 is an incorrect mold

rest of these look like pretty standard injection molding wear and tear

if 1 doesn't rub out with your finger, i'd contact the vendor about it but these are otherwise nothing to be peeved by


same here, this all looks pretty normal to me. i have recent GMK sets with wild differences in texture like this. it's normal with the wear and tear on the injection mold and a little more common with thin parts like DCS keycaps, and more visible on dark colors. the texture will even out with use, since these are ABS.

i would be pretty surprised if SP does anything major other than remake the keys with incorrect legends.
Keyboards / Re: Modding a Huntsman V2 - your advice needed
« Last post by Maledicted on Mon, 06 February 2023, 16:10:04 »
I guess if you want to fix the sound of the stabs you can lube them with krytox, never heard of permatex before.
Don't sand the caps, just buy some cheap ones off of aliexpress, you can get some sets in the single digits, it's not worth the effort to sand them.
My best advice would be to tough it out and save up some cash to afford a good budget custom. You made a thread about it earlier.

By Permatex, I think they mean dielectric grease. Pretty common thing people use for stabilizers. They're actually one of the major manufacturers of all kinds of products from automotive gasket makers to windshield repair kits to anti-seize, so just saying Permatex doesn't really say much.

Don't care about rattly stabilizers myself, but it worked well for a squeaky spacebar stab wire on an F77 of mine, and having used it for other purposes in the past I could see why people would recommend it for stabilizers since it is cheap and available basically everywhere.

As much as I hate Razer as a company in general, the Huntsman V2's analogue optical switches actually make it a product that still fits a surprisingly small niche of extremely smooth contactless analogue switches. If I cared about getting the best possible modern linears, especially for games ... it would be on my short list.

I'm not sure why the emphasis is on replacing it outright for objectively inferior options in all regards besides maybe sound.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] 930.Alice by 930 // PROTOTYPE
« Last post by singabore on Mon, 06 February 2023, 16:08:03 »
And why should i put down 600$ for this?
why would any sane person put down more than 10 dollars for a keyboard at all

The only person who's making any sense in this whole thread
Interest Checks / Re: [IC]GMK Kitsune
« Last post by Cylent on Mon, 06 February 2023, 16:04:53 »
GMK Pink on navy with subs and cute novelties. I'm in.
both of the patone colors in the IC are great, as a 3rd i wanted to suggest a nice dark gray i guess similar to the prototype. gunmetal gray.
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] GMK Icon Modi (ft. beige) - finalizing kitting
« Last post by twitchytheinsideman on Mon, 06 February 2023, 15:27:53 »

fml  :'(
Keyboards / Re: Reasonably priced Kailh Choc keebs
« Last post by Maledicted on Mon, 06 February 2023, 15:23:51 »
I bought one of the 65% boards to swap choc jades into. Turned out the jades I ordered didn't even fit the caps anyway so it is in pieces in a bag.

I have looked at Perixx's various interesting products off and on for a few years now, like their mechanical keyboard with an integrated trackball, the PERIBOARD-522. I most recently modded one of their PERIPAD-501 trackpads into my HTPC TG3 cop keyboard to give it multitouch. Based on the things I have read, and the two products of theirs that I have, they seem to make things pretty comparable to the random Chinesium products on Amazon ... which is perfectly fine if you ask me.
Input Devices / ITAC mouse-trak PS/2 version - using on USB
« Last post by spoke_man on Mon, 06 February 2023, 15:14:13 »
Hi everybody,

I have aquired a model B-MPIND which is the Industrial type, PS/2, and dated 2002 inside. It has a completely different board to the 2007 USB version (thanks to user Tactile posting on another thread here to a link to a photo) so I guess it needs at least an active adapter to work on USB.

I've tried a random dual mouse & keyboard PS/2 to USB cable, no details whatsoever on it but it's active. It didn't work.

XibariS on r/Trackballs has ingeniously managed to convert a very similar 2005 Professional PS/2 mouse-trak (B-5XXMP A0002) by adding a converter board based on a CSC0101A "dual PS/2 to USB Data Converter Controller. I might be up for that, but the ebayer selling the board in Germany won't ship to the UK, I expect because of Brexit.

I'm resigned to using a cable adapter - anything to get the mouse-trak working! I am dimly aware that the board's controller is the basis of some of the external cables and is seen as good and it tends to work. Before I go buying a slew of cable adapters, I wonder if anyone here has any experience of using these PS/2 mouse-traks with USB and if so, any steer on cables (or boards to fit internally) would be really good to hear about.

Many thanks.
Matias / Re: Matias 60% Keyboard Group Buy
« Last post by aphoid on Mon, 06 February 2023, 14:58:43 »
at the very least, some of the facts have changed.  Quoting

In fact, the SAME mounting plate & PCB supports BOTH Cherry and ALPS. This is the first keyboard ever to offer this capability.

There exist PCBs that support both MX and Alps now, e.g.

How long will I have to wait to receive my keyboard?
Based on past projects, we estimate that it will take 8-18 months to complete.

Typo there: should be "years" there HTH. 
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