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Well, this launched a while ago.
There are many reasons I didn't hype it up too much, or even make a GB page.
We're all going through a lot right now, and there are so many more important things than keyboards.
I didn't feel right shilling super hard when people weren't even sure if they could keep their jobs. 
So I put something out that was manageable and fun--two special versions:
my version of an "end game" dream machine,
and a themed LE Rukia for lovers of space opera.

I also made the PC version "unlimited," so people don't feel like they have to compete to get and keep a slot, possibly putting themselves in a difficult position due to FOMO.
I also kept the cost at the round 1 $390, although manufacturing cost quotes have gone up.

There are some subtle differences this time around for the PC version.

The PCB:
Made by Gondolindrim, in line with his open source Mad Hatter project, the Rukia will feature a per-key RGB USB-C PCB with underglow.
The top left 3-key cluster can also accommodate regular switches as well as rotary encoders.

Carbon fiber:
The new carbon fiber plates will still have a 3k twill weave aesthetic top layer, but the inner layers will now be unidirectional carbon fiber to program flex and improve sound while still maintaining the nice consistency carbon fiber is known for.

No longer a shiny, mirror PVD finish, the new weight is sandblasted brass to match the available plates.

Hex screws, white.

Where do I buy it?

How do I get updates?
Here. And Discord:

What does $390 get me?
PC top case
PC bottom case
Sandblasted brass weight
PC plate
Per-key RGB PCB with underglow and THREE rotary encoder placement options (in the 3-key leftmost cluster).
ONE rotary encoder (you can buy more if you like)
ONE knob

How many 2u stabilizers do I need to buy from my favorite keyboard vendor?
4 if you split back space and split right shift
5 if you only split either back space or right shift
6 if you use full backspace and full right shift

What else is available for pre-order on the site right now?
Brass plates.
Carbon fiber plates.
Gift cards.

What will be available for pre-order on the site later this week?
Aluminum tops anodized in Lilac, Champagne, or Blue-Gray.

When will aluminum tops be available for pre-order on the site?
Later this week.

When will Gondolindrim's new per-key RGB USB-C PCBs with underglow, rotary encoders, and Rukia/Mint Autumn branding be available for purchase on the site?
When they're ready. I really don't mean to be rude, I just don't have an exact timeline. As soon as I know they work as intended and won't explode, I'll list them for sale.

If I already ordered a Rukia r2 kit, will I have to pay extra shipping when I buy an aluminum top or extra PCB as well?
Can they be shipped with my Rukia?
No, you won't have to pay extra shipping because yes, they can be shipped together.
When you're ready to make your order, message me on Discord at jaxxstatic#2116 or use the contact form on, and I will give you a one-time use personal coupon for free shipping on those items.
That's the best way I've thought of doing it. If there's a better way, please let me know.

Will those new items deliver the same time as the Rukia r2?

Will my Rukia parts fit in a TGR Alice?
Not with the new USB-C PCB. If you use a USB-mini PCB from TGR, Team Mechlovin', or ProjectKeyboard, the PCB/plate/switches can be dropped into either case with no problem.

Can the Rukia fit both USB-C and USB-mini PCBs?
Yes **IF** the USB is topmounted on the PCB.

Can the USB-mini Wonderland PCB fit in the Rukia case?
Yes **WITH** standoffs. Same for the TGR Alice. Maarten told me he fixed the new version of the Wonderland, so be on the lookout for that. Solid PCB.

How do I program the projectkeyboard PCB that came with my Rukia round 1?
Download the new firmware from here:
It uses VIA now!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!
Use QMK Toolbox to flash the new .BIN file. Download the newest version of VIA, then enjoy instantaneous keymap tweaking pleasure.

If I choose a carbon fiber or brass plate option, does it come with a PC plate too?
Yes. You can also choose a PC plate and add a cf/brass plate as an extra. It's the same thing/price.

Can you make me a full aluminum version with the same exact profile as the TGR Alice so I can use the wrist rest from Beamingrobot?

The GB was supposed to end on April 17th. How long is the GB extended for?
Until May 3rd. The expected delivery date is still Q3/Q4 2020 (I'll make the order to the manu before the end of the buy-in period).

Can I get a matching aluminum bottom for the aluminum top I purchase, then buy Beamingrobot's Alice wrist rest? If I do, will the wrist rest fit perfectly?
No. No.

Are you making a Rukia wrist rest?
Yes. Working on it. But you can make your own with files available in the Discord channel. There's also a member in the Discord who's considered doing a GB run of his own for them.
I'm working on two budget points for wrist rests: beat-em-up-get-er-done & OOF!Touchitwithgloves!
Both will be robust, though. 

Will the PCB support ISO?

I'm interested! A per key RGB PCB is pretty rare :) It might be nice for the first ergo build.

Any more chances at the LE/special editions?

One of the best boards I've ever owned! Get in on this if you have the chance!

EDIT: Whoops  :-[


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