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GB ended, We are glad to announce that the Pizza65 R2 has entered the production phase.
Thanks to everyone who joined us during this last month!  ;D

I don't know why I needed a fourth 65% board, but I was unable to resist that red... now I need some red keycaps, GMK Jamon is great, but looking at the GB numbers, probably next to impossible to find with the ISO kit.

I am happy to announce that the sandblasted brass plate has arrived  ;D

Production Update

Unfortunately due to chips shortage we had significant delays with the production of the SlicePCBs and PizzaPCBs, after months of research we found the way to gather the missing parts paying more than 600% MSRP to have them delivered as fast as possible. Unfortunately thid has led to the postponement of the date for the shipment of the first batch. The PizzaPCB production has now arrived to the warehouse and the SlicePCB is currently in production and we are now preparing for the shipment of an initial batch of order that included PizzaPCBs.
We apologize for the inconvenience, future updates regarding the production will arrive soon.
Thank you

Pizza Keyboards, MoltenKhor and Galvo togheter to build the ultimate keyboard setup for the italian professional eSports player Pow3r.
Take a glance at the collaboration  ;D


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