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[IC]GMK Camping r3 (GB is live!)

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GB is live!


updates 28/11/2021:

GB will run from Dec. 1st 2021 to Jan. 3rd 2022

Pricing as below, most vendors still have to sort out pricing for the collabs and deskmat..

Hibi enter key: Brass keycap PVD coated in silver.

Salvun Burgundy & Brass: Brass keycap, cerakoted, beige sprinkle, laser etched fire novelty.

Salvun Classic & Copper: Copper keycap, cerakoted, beige sprinkle, laser etched fire novelty.

Camping r3 deskmat:

More renders from Thesiscamper:


updates 18/11/2021:

- Revised the base kit renders
- Added 2 new keyboards renders
- We are now waiting for the GMK quote, pricing will be revealed once the quote is received.


Some small updates on this(11/11/2021):

- physical 40s support will be added to the base kits.
- side prints for ISO support will be added to the base kits.
- more renders are WIP, there are some flaws on the current renders, because they are made by 2 people parallel, the kit renders show what you will get.
- GMK price inquiry will be launched once the kit renders are updated.
- A Hibi brass enter key with the mountain novelty engraved and PVD coated in silver will be available, renders are expected during the weekend.
- 2 Salvun R1 caps with the camp fire novelty (the same novelty from the r2 Rama cap) will be available, renders are WIP.


US: Kono
EU: Oblotzky industries
UK: Prototypist
CA: Apexkeyboard
AUS: Daily clack
CN/Asia: zFrontier
SG/SEA: Monokei
South America: Fancy Customs
South Korea: SwagKeys


Here we go, a lot of people has been asking, GMK Camping will return in December 2021.
This time, we are offering a burgundy base as the first time for Camping.
A Salvun cap and a new deskmat are WIP.
I'll update the collaboration caps and the new deskmat design at a later stage as well as regional vendors.
Please keep an eye on this thread if you are interested or hunting a GMK Camping set for a long time.
Please also consider following me on instagram(@nesteaking) as I might randomly post new renders there..
I wanted to say a lot in this thread but I guess renders are the best way to express the excitement...


R3  :eek:

Always wanted either burg base or all green alt alphas. Nice work.

Awesome! Love the alice support in the base as well. Wondering how the pricing will work out with such a large base kit... but dig the two bases.

Burgundy Base  :eek:


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