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Absolute MINIMUM Xercise ?

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I think being healthy has much more to do with diet than exercise, although no exercise at all would not be recommended.
If you eat really healthy and just move enough to keep your blood flowing that should be enough. Enough for what? No idea.


--- Quote from: tp4tissue on Tue, 18 January 2022, 19:14:39 ---NE1 read txt on this ?

Done some minimal workout plan ?

Is there such a thing ?

Tp needs to shed some pandemi-weight

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--- End quote ---

This is kind of a goofy mindset when it comes to exercising. If you are only trying to lose weight, the best thing to do is evaluate your diet and cut calories. Supplementing the change in diet with exercise will help, but exercising (even if you work out multiple times per DAY), you won't see much weight loss if you continue to consume the same amount of calories. Aside from that, you get as much out of working out as you put into it, so a "minimal workout plan" will lead to "minimal" results.

My suggestion is to find something that you enjoy doing, or that you have the discipline for, and stick with it, while prioritizing a healthier diet. Whether the exercise is biking, playing basketball, running, HIIT, swimming, etc. it will help with you losing weight, but it will take a lot longer to lose that weight if you aren't changing your diet. Drinking lots of water and chewing gum seems to help me not be as hungry all the time.


--- Quote from: Sniping on Wed, 19 January 2022, 02:53:39 ---You gotta work into it. If you fit in a good quality exercise most days, even just 40 minutes of exercise will actually give you good gains while being healthy exercise. I don't consider super strenuous exercise to be that good for you, like stuff that maxes your heart rate in specific. Running is a pretty good bang for your buck exercise, BUT most people get injuries after running consistently for a few weeks. I'd say a pretty balanced program is to focus on lifting weights half your exercise sessions each week and spend the other half of your week focusing on cardio related exercises. But yeah, weight lifting and cardio is pretty good bang for your buck exercise. The thing is is that it gets boring for a lot of people after a while. It's important to mix it up with exercise you actually find interesting and enjoy doing. Indoor rock climbing/bouldering is a fun place to start if you want to try something fresh.

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thanks bro for the suggestion

I haven't read it yet, but check out a book called "Burn" by Herman Pontzer. Apparently, his research shows that people burn the same number of calories no matter their activity level, except when starting a new exercise program. Once the body adapts to the exercise, the same number of calories is burned. The possible benefit is that burning calories through exercise prevents the body from burning them through bad processes like inflammation (not sure if that makes sense, just a hypothesis). I only listened to a podcast interview. Food for thought.

Personally, I finally decided to stop fighting it and have conceded to the weight gain. I had a really good month where I lost some weight and then plateaued. I'm too stressed to focus on it right now, so I've just decided to use the body weight to my advantage in weight lifting, and I'll cut later. I was 160 lb pre-pandemic. I maintained somewhere between 170-185 lb until last fall. Now I'm 211 lb.  :(

There's really not much left to do in the pandemi,  have put off working out for the longest.



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