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Ex: Idol

Some may recognise my name from Geekhack, but I am more commonly known in the community as Dark
Since the fulfilment of my previous keyboard projects Ex: GS/Guga, Ex: Visas, and Ex: CCRX, and with the shipping of my latest design - Ex: Ecliptica being imminent, I thought it was time to unveil my 5th keyboard project.
I am announcing that instead of deciding entry and participation via invite, I intend to make it available to the wider community in a public sale, when it is ready.

Stay up to date with this and my other projects - by joining my discord, linked here: and also follow me on instagram: @keyboardpriest

.F12 F13 layout TKL, WKL only [Changing to F13 from F12 in the second rendition/prototype]
.9 Degree typing angle and below 17.5mm adjusted front height [front height measured from the inside of the bezel to the bottom of the case]
.Innovative new mounting method designed by myself - second generation bumpon mount
.Large 304L Stainless Steel through-weight
.Easy to pick up due to the side profile/bottom shape
.Original design yet reminscent of the styling of KPOP themed boards; faithful as an evolution to the spirit of the design language inherited from the Camp C225 Keyboard

My designs have names that allude to their inspiration.
For this keyboard, it's dedicated to an Idol.
It's a small play on words, since Yeonwoo [instagram link] is a former member of the group Momoland.

It hasn't yet been decided who will be the subject of the final design; If going ahead with the red colour I was considering putting a 'Solo' engraving on the weight...
For those that object to the theme, I'm considering an alternatively styled set of engravings based on the 'traditional' interpretation of an Idol that could be used - that of an object of worship or faith.

Typing test by Shoobs

Next generation mounting method

MoreI don't see many pushing the typing experience forward onto better things, which is the original basis of this hobby - its raison d'etre.
If I make something, I always want it to be the best possible; I aspire to do something that no one else could've made if I hadn't done it first.

The mounting method of this keyboard is the second iteration of the 'bumpon mount' pioneered by myself in an earlier design (Ex: Visas).
Using bumpons placed on either side of the plate, the vibrations of the plate are completely isolated in a way that is distinct from gasket mount.
By using single points as the contact for mounting rather than a shelf as normally used in gasket - it's a distinction like that of between sandwich and top mount.
Taking my knowledge gained from my previous innovations and variations on top mount in Ex: GS/Guga along with Ex: CCRX and Ex: Ecliptica, in which a deflection/rebound of the plate was developed to achieve a softer and more responsive typing experience; I was able to implement something closer to a 'true leaf spring'.
This is different from the current consensus of 'leaf spring' within the community which is understood as a shape which allows for deformation of the plate when force is applied, as it lacks the same responsive rebound present in this mounting method


Second Rendition Revisions
.The keyboard is changing to an F13 layout and the leftmost case-fastening point on the top bezel moves 14mm closer to the left side of the case, as pictured below

.I am working closely with Gondo on all my projects, and we are currently revising the PCB to be F13 compatible, with altered internal fastening points, before undergoing a second round of prototyping
.I am adding my version of a front lip, similar to that featured on the CCRX design, but more subtle. I think this adds a sense of completion to the side profile and is aesthetically pleasing when viewed from above

Stay up to date with this and my other projects - by joining my discord, linked here: and also follow me on instagram: @keyboardpriest

I want to thank Gondo very much for supporting me, along with Shoobs for going out of their way to take all of these photographs, and record the typing test/mounting demonstration. I'm really grateful to both of you.
I also want to thank all of the Bandits, my friends and everyone in my server who supports and believes in me.

Updates to follow


I love you dark.

Let's goooo

chat and team:
sick mounting, estimated price?


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