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[IC] Type-B - A true MX HHKB 60%

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Introducing Type-B

Update on 5th April 2023...
GB dates finalized: May 1st to May 15th. Limited quantities of Black and Silver available. FCFS, price dropped to $450 thanks to increased MOQ.

I've grown rather fond of 60% boards lately. Outside of WK/WKL, HHKB 60s often stick to 7u, instead of committing to the original layout.
Type B has one option only - 6u bottom row. I'm not the biggest fan of topre (sorry) but I am in love with the layout.
8 months since the start of the project, here it is.


- 7 degrees angle
- Adjusted front height of 18.746 mm (see below, measured from the control key area, not spacebars as that would be a useless measurement)
- 7.8mm plate to top case clearance
- Integrated USB hub - this is on it's own daughterboard setup, deliberately designed in a modular fashion to be used in other projects
- MX and custom EC PCBs available (EC will come later, this is just an IC, I still need to test)
- 2 piece brass weights
- "Hotdog" (o ring strips) or top mounted
- 1210g built

Integrated Hub

Currently powered by USB2514 - this chip is EOL, but we have enough in stock to make this work. I'm working tirelessly to upgrade this to USB3.2 spec, but that will make these a lot more expensive.
Why make a HHKB inspired board without this?

Fitted here with a Razer Viper v2 dongle and a USB drive.
My intended purpose for this was to use a MFA FP reader required for my office work, and keeping it somewhat hidden (ie, dont have it stick out) by the ledge above it.


For those that want to use full backspace / Rshift, ISO, ABNT2, that will be included.
6u bottom row. That is the only thing not optional here


Optional gummy strip mounting, helps keep a firm but not harsh bottom out

As much of the wiring necessary is kept below the weight. Phillips head screws will not be there in the final units, don't shout at me.     

Yes - the vertical feet are changing.

Blackout variant - black coated brass weight

The stock engraving. I infilled this with acrylic paint.


- Internal cable adjustments
- Updated clearance for gummy strips
- Alignment pillars updated
- Plate modifications (for alu plates)
- Custom EC PCB in development

Pricing / Vendors / Unit allocation

- 100 Unit-capped raffle. 50 units Black, 50 units Silver. Still deciding how to configure the weights (coated black or clear).
- When? When I'm happy with all the testing completed. I am at minimum 6 months away from this - just sharing the project now.
- How much? Sub $550 target. Too early to be more accurate. I know it's a lot, I'm praying prices can come down. The single prototype I made cost over $1000
- No manufacturer issues this time, I am over the moon with how this turned out.
- Vendors? SandKeys, Cannonkeys


Maelk and Cipulot - absolute geniuses
-[miko]-#7570 - your magic work on the baulterboard  ;D
The MENA community - as always  :thumb:
Ankit - legit the biggest fan of this project since it's inception, you've pushed me to make this public
Alessio - for the hotdogs


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I forgot to mention, I will have 6u wires arranged to come with the board. No need to hassle that way :D
6u DCS compat will also be available, that means, 5u stab support will (hopefully) be easy to add

So in for this, thank you baul.

Stringer Bell:
One of my favorite projects ever, I can't wait. Thank you for making it happen, it is as good as I could have imagined it.



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