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Ohh man Logitechs new “quiet” switches

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I simply need any info you can provide on what these switches might be. I hadn’t been mouse shopping in a while and my new job provided an M100 cheap Logitech that is surprisingly nice. So I had to pick one up for myself and in the process got my hands on the latest in Logitechs product line.

The Pebble, M650 wireless, the M50x (cant remember, it’s a travel mouse), and the POP mouse all are using a “quiet” switch which is boasted on some packaging but not others - but the switches are the same on all of these. An amazing soft actuation near silent click. The actuation has to be at least 20% softer than a normal mouse. I don’t own one of these but fell in love.

Unfortunately my new M100 is not this switch lol. If someone can find the switch part I will instantly tear down my M100 and install these quiet switches. In the meanwhile I will be searching for a dead parts only online auction or something. Try it out if yo have the chance. Hopefully someone knows some more about this.

I don't know the answer to your question, which I find interesting.

However, according to one Amazon review:

--- Quote ---I enjoyed the M100 and so I came to repurchase it on Amazon, and it arrived well and dandy. However there was a distinct and noticeable squeak that accompanied the two buttons, alongside their usual click.

I'm not about to take apart a $15 mouse so I tried to put up with it, but it was driving me mad. So I came back to Amazon to return it and noticed they sell a B100 version as well. Some sleuthing gave me the answer as to why being: M100 is for consumers, B100 typically is for businesses. Otherwise, they should be identical. So I snapped up the B100 and it arrived prompt and in a MUCH easier to open box.

No squeak! Hallelujah!
--- End quote ---

So maybe take a switch from the B100 [or just use the B100?]

Then again, the B100 may be identical to the M100, barring superficial differences.

Interested to learn more, I'll have to look this up if I get a chance.

Here is a screenshot from a youtube video opening up a Logitech Pebble. These are the good switches. Maybe someone can visually ID them to the specific make/model but I doubt so because they look like generic tactile buttons... Any knowledge you might have is appreciated tho...

My old mouse is an Alienware Tactx mouse. Why? Supposedly this Alienware mouse was a rebranded mouse originally contracted from Logitech. It is a near match for the G9x which was that old superb gaming Logitech that is too expensive to obtain now.

I bring that up because I weighed the Alienware at 122g. The cheap M100 weighs 55g, lighter than 99% of gaming mice.

Unfortunately the polling rate of the M100 is set at 1000hz and even lower for the B100 at 800. It is light weight and has a nice click, otherwise has no frills or software remapping.

I would like to find these quiet switches and install them to make a silent killer, a lightweight mouse wih a buttery smooth click. Just a dream for now   :'(


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