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Hey, everyone.  Here is Deadline Studio.

Actually, this is a project that we had started before Deadline Studio was established.

The first draft of this keyboard was designed in June 2021.

At that time, I was very obsessed with deconstruction,

 and the style that mix modern and retro together.

PC is the "modern" material that I have been eager to use,

but I don't want to reveal too much internal structure,

so I made a “layer-up”structure, creating a new visual experience by staggering between the transparent and opaque.

Spliced parts, more exposed screws, and interspersed supports that only cut the functional area but have no practical effect,

 all these have become the representative of "retro" elements.

When I was doing the color-tuning, it was the purple that made me call this keyboard “NewRetro”.

Vaporwave visual style/GMK vaporwave, is my favourite.

Kit list:

Top case(Aluminum  anodized/E-coating)

Bottom case (Aluminum anodized/E-coating)

Front pack(PC)

Back pack (PC)

Left pack (Aluminum anodized)

Right pack (Aluminum anodized)

Decoration block (Aluminum anodized/E-coating)

Internal weight (PVD)

Weight badge (PVD)

0.25u decoration block (Aluminum anodized/E-coating、PC)

Connecting rod (Aluminum  anodized/E-coating)

Triangle bracket (Aluminum  anodized/E-coating)

PCB decoration block (Aluminum  anodized)

Knob*2 (Aluminum  anodized/E-coating)

Poron bottom cotton

Poron sandwich cotton

Poron vibration-absorbing cotton

Ixpe pad

Fr4 plate (TBD)

Hotswap PCB

Silicone foot-stickers


The two 1u on the far right can be desoldered and the ec11 knob can be welded after the hot-swap axle seat removed

Capslock supports hot-swap flip-chip axis left shift

Capslock supports CAPS indicator

WKL space line support: 1.5-1.5-6.25-1.5-1.25

WK space line support: 1.25-1.25-1.25-6.25-1.5-1.25

PCB is designed and produced by Mechlovin'Studio

Qmk/VIA supported

USB-C interface

Colour option:

We will sell in-stock this time.

We had planned 5 colour options . But due to the limitation of the quality,

we cannot make them all. Here is the option. We will select 3 or 4.

01 Silver anodized(E-coating green triangle bracket + white transparent PC)

02 Violet E-coating(anodized purple triangle bracket + gradual transparent PC)

03 Dark blue E-coating(anodized silver triangle bracket + black transparent PC)

04 Cream E-coating (E-coating cream triangle bracket + white transparent PC)

05 Orange E-coating (E-coating orange triangle bracket + white transparent PC)

More colours of triangle brackets

Inscribe on front pack
There are two kinds of lettering in English/Japanese, everyone can put forward their opinions, so as to control the production ratio

Typing figures:

Typing angle 7°

Typing height 22.5mm

Due to the structure, the typing height is not short. We design a wrist rest.


The time can only be determined within this year. The PCB is in production,

 and it needs to be sent back to China after production. Due to the epidemic, the customs also need to stand still.

Aluminum parts and PC parts will be produced in mid-September according to everyone's choice of colors and letters

If the time is confirmed, we will also announce in advance

I hope you like this kit and give your valuable opinions.

 Join the discord group to participate in the color voting,

 thank you for your attention!

Extra Fox:
I'm glad to see this is moving forward. The renders in your keycap IC caught my eye initially. This is definitely an ambitious board design and one I do sincerely hope becomes a reality.

If it happens, I'd probably be keen to have the Japanese text on the casing.

Execute Order 66

Look gorgeous! What type of mount this will be ?

Looks like gasket mount on the plate.


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