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[IC] Ayleen TKL 丨 Top + Oring, Productions Pics Updated, In-Stock Drop Dec 21st

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Hi Everyone, this is the first ever project from Tea House. We would call it the classic inspired, no-nonsense F13 88% TKL - Ayleen.

A little bit of back story: there is not really a theme when it comes to Ayleen.
The name was picked simply because designer and I feel this is just the right one! What we really want to achieve is a simple, classy, and semi-affordable TKL, since this is my favorite layout.
Oh did I mention, the sales format will be in stock? More on that Later!

Proto Pics

Basic Information:
Layout: F13 WKL/WK 88%
Mounting: Top + O-ring with Split Plate
Typing Angle: 9 degrees
Front Height: 16.5mm
Top Piece: 6063 Aluminum, Colored Acrylic
Badge: PC, Mirror Polished Stainless Steel
PCB: Hotswap (Optional), Solder (Default)
PCB Spec: 1.2mm, Blackcore PCB
Bottom Piece: 6063 Aluminum
Internal Weight: Brass
External Weight: Copper, Stainless Steel Mirror PVD, Mirror Polished White Copper
Weight: 6.6 Pounds/3.0 Kg
Plates: Aluminum Full (Default), Aluminum Half, FR4 Full
Sales Format: Instock sale FCFS on keyspensory, ship from China to worldwide 
Sales Date: Early to Mid-December
Units: 150≈

Weight Detail

420 USD for the Standard Edition
440 USD for the Stainless Steel PVD version
520 USD for Gin Edition with White Copper Weight
(Gin Edition will be raffled on our Discord, link

Color Combination

My Favorite Angle

Plate Render (Updated)
Since lots of you guys have asked about the plate, and what Split Plate means, we have since uploaded a complete plate overview here!
As you can tell, the main alpha area and function key area will have two individual plates, hence the "Split Plate"

Exploded View
An exploded view for a better understanding of how the board is put together

PCB Layout
ANSI Hotswap

Solder Support

Would Like to Hear Your Feedback!

Come Talk to us on Discord!

Typing Test and More Reviews Coming up

Project Timeline:
First Proto - Done
Second Proto - Done
Machining - On Going

Some More Proto Pics

Render For Each Color Combination

Render for Rose Gold

Render for Silver

Render for Black

Render for Lilac

Render for Gin Edition

Render for Black bottom with Copper Weight

Render for Silver bottom with Copper Weight

Render for Silver bottom with SS PVD Weight

Render for Black Bottom with SS PVD Weight

One More Side Profile

Mod Edit: Changed title to more standardize [IC] tags; please remove this note when you see it

Production Pics Below

Black with GMK Nines

Rose Gold with Milkyway Coloradas[/size]

Lilac With GMK Frosted Witch

Silver with DCS Deadbeat

sheesh dude

what does the plate look like?

what exactly is split plate?


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