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How to contact a Group Buy organizer or vendor


First, determine who is the best person to contact regarding your request

* If you have a fulfillment question and the Group Buy has regional vendors acting as proxies, your regional vendor is most likely who you need to reach out to; they should have a contact system on their site (or discord in some cases)
* If the GB in question is being fulfilled by the person who created the thread on GH, then you'll want to PM the thread creator directly; I highly recommend enabling "Save a copy of each personal message in my sent items by default" (detailed below)
Whether you're contacting a vendor or designer/runner, there are some helpful tips to keep in mind to make things easier for everyone involved

* Include the GB name in the subject line
* Include your order number in the message body
* Quote prior messages or provide context to any previous discussions you might have had on the topic you're messaging about
* Clearly articulate what you are asking for or requesting
* Be polite (this should go without saying) - most vendors and designers are small operations and may not respond immediately like you've come to expect from massive online retailers; if you need to send a follow-up message, do so, but give a little leeway unless you have good reason to be upset
How to enable "Save a copy of each personal message in my sent items by default" (this will allow you to verify that the message you clicked "Send" on did in fact send)

* Click 'Messages' in the top bar
* Hover over 'Preferences' (tap 'Preferences' on mobile) to bring up the Preferences menu
* Click 'Change Settings'
* Check the box next to 'Save a copy of each personal message in my sent items by default.' (second item from the bottom)



raily Rusive:
To contact a group buy organizer or vendor, you can use the following methods:

Website Contact Form: Most group buy organizers and vendors have a contact form on their website that you can use to reach out to them. Simply fill out the form with your name, email address, and message, and they will respond as soon as possible.

Email: If a contact form is not available, you can try sending an email directly to the organizer or vendor. You can usually find their email address on their website or through a quick internet search.

Social Media: Many group buy organizers and vendors are active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can reach out to them by sending a direct message or posting a comment on one of their posts.

Online Forums: Some group buys are organized through online forums such as Reddit or Discord. If you're having trouble finding the organizer or vendor's contact information, try posting a message on the relevant forum to see if anyone can assist you.

Phone: If all else fails, you can try calling the organizer or vendor directly. If their phone number is not listed on their website or in their contact information, you may be able to find it through a quick internet search.

It's important to be polite and professional when reaching out to a group buy organizer or vendor, and to clearly state the reason for your message. They will be more likely to respond quickly and helpfully if you approach them in a friendly and respectful manner.

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