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[IC] KKB Miami Dawn (Dusk R2) - US pricing and dates confirmed!

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KKB Miami Dawn

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A new day arrives for a classic keycap set. KKB Miami Dawn is a rerun of Miami Dusk with improved kitting and availability. Manufactured using double shot ABS by Keykobo.


All in one base kit featuring support for many layouts including varying bars.

A collaboration with Hibi! The palm tree novelty on an anodised aluminium keycap with MG1 matched infill.


Colours are simple, magenta and cyan on beige. Specifically MG1, TU2, U9 and L9. Keykobo claims to be capable of matching GMK colours 1:1.



OCE: Daily Clack
USA: Mekibo
CA: Apex Keyboards
UK: Proto[Typist]
SEA: Hex Keyboards
MENA: SandKeys


Mekibo - 85 USD
Daily Clack -
Apex Keyboards -
Proto[Typist] -
Hex Keyboards -
SandKeys - 315 AED


The set will run from the 30th of March to the 27th of April

Board Renders:

Board Photos:

Thanks to:

- Joe of UKKeycaps for providing permission to rerun this set
- ankit for your help with kitting and bouncing ideas off of
- justterry for graciously providing board files for renders
- would for doing the same
- and rainkeebs too
- elvenmonster for the fabulous photos of the original set

* Why the blank winkeys?
This is to match my two other favourite sets; the 2015 runs of RA and Olivetti
* R5?
The goal with this run is to stay close to the original run while improving compatibility. I'm personally not a fan of R5 in base and I expect it would struggle as a child kit, I don't want to offer a kit I expect to fail.
While I understand UK ISO was supported in the base kit of R1 the goal of R2 is to get this set made. The market has changed a lot and this set is running in a much different format to R1, for starters there is a focus on support worldwide due to increased vendors. Therefore it makes most sense to target physical compatibility in most cases, specific language legend support is an extra cost the likely >95% of users won't benefit from. That said I will explore an international kit, I've had a lot of requests for this so I'm happy to investigate.
Due to the change to Keykobo UK ISO has become economically viable.To Do:

* Add 1u supers - Blanks will remain alongside
* Change Print to Prt Sc
* Add front print to Prt Sc and Pause
* Merge kitsUpdates:

* Added 2x 1u Supers
* Merged base kits into one

hi nostyle


I will buy 3  :p


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