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[IC] GMK Black Cherry | CN AND SEA VENDOR ADDED!, Deskmat Design Changed

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Hello all, I would like to take a second and thank everyone for the patience, feedback, and help that I have received on this set so far! This is a fun learning experience for me as well as great opportunity to further include myself in the hobby. Thank you for all the support, and keep being cool!

Introducing GMK Black Cherry, designed by Django., inspired by the fruit, Black Cherry.
The dark Red-Violet, Black, and Pink are influenced by... well... cherries!
Fun to type with, not to eat!
Manufacturer: GMKMaterial: Doubleshot ABSProfile: Cherry 1-1-2-3-4-4

     NATURAL LIGHTING                                                         STUDIO LIGHTING
Renders by MeNovelty by SpikedSynapse*please be advised that these renders are by no means complete, more final renders will be created based on community feedback
I regret to inform that I was unable to acquire the rights from Cherry to use their logo in this set.

KEYBOARD RENDERS**All renders using updated colors**
PhoenixWKL by Cable Car Designs
Dalco 959 Mini WK by Hand Engineering
Fuji65 by CMM Studio
MB-44 by Melonbred
By: skeil
ANY AND ALL COLLABSTBA!Please reach out to me at DJango.#3277 on Discord if you would like to collab.

THINGS TO DO (Updated 2024/03/02)

- Acquire Artisan Collaborations
- Acquire remaining vendors
- Change Deskmat Design
- Adjust Novelty Kitting
- Acquire OG Cherry Logo
- Draft deskmat design
- Make Cherry Novelties their own Child Kit
- Create Mono Base Kit(No future plans for Mono Base)
- Create Norde Kit (Remove UK-ISO from Base, add to Norde)
- Remove Cherry Novelties from Base Kit
- Add additional 1u to bar kit
- Add UK-ISO to base
- Adjust accent colour to be less saturated
- Adjust row numbers in Base and Bar Kit


- SEA and CN Vendor Acquired (2024/03/06)
- Changed Deskmat Design (2024/03/02)
- Removed forced accents on 3-key kitting (2023/09/23)
- Updated Novelty Kitting, included additional novelty (2023/09/23)
- Updated Renders (2023/09/23)
- Deskmat design created, awaiting renders (2023/04/27)
- Did some adjustments to novelty kit (2023/04/27)
- Added Accent Arrows to Base (2023/03/18)
- CA Vendor Announced (2023/03/18)
- OCE Vendor Announced (2023/3/15)
- Created r/mk and r/mm IC (2023/03/13)
- Added additional 1u Spacebar to Bars Kit (2023/03/13)
- Added UK-ISO to Base Kit (2023/03/13)
- Removed Cherry Novelties from Base Kit (2023/03/13)
- Adjusted Accent/Mod Legends to RAL 010 40 53-P-T (2023/03/13)
- Added NorDeUk Kit, removed UK-ISO from Base (2023/03/13)
- Made Cherry Novs their own Child Kit (will add OG Cherry Logo's) (2023/03/13)
- Made Updated IC Form, more refined and straightforward (2023/03/13)
- EU Vendor Announced! (2023/03/13)

GENERAL REMARKS (Updated 2023/04/27)
- The idea of the inclusion of a mono kit seemed to be popular amongst those that participated in the IC form, will consider and work with some ideas! (2023/03/13)
- The split between which novelties to use are EXACTLY 50/50 at the moment, considering there is no overwhelming response for either or, I believe I will incorporate both
OG Cherry Logo and the custom Cherry Logo
- Did color matching, mainly for RAL 4004 and MG1 to produce more accurrate renders
- Still awaiting rights from Cherry MX

Thank you all to the following people!
- andromache for kitting help
- iinko_ for kitting and render help
- Cylent for kitting help
- NoPunIn10Did for kitting help
- exco for render help
- hali for the name

HUGE THANKS TO Spiked Synapse for the novelty!

honestly a great looking set I love it, glwic :thumb:

nice colors :p :thumb:

Looks great! Liking the theme a lot

Did you mislabel the rows in your renders? If not, interesting choices.


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