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Another somewhat noticeable update...

Hoping to purchase some GMK Maroon extras.
1- noice set
2- I used the same RAL code for the alpha. If I can combine Maroon + WoB I can get a somewhat decent picture showing how RAL 4004 and Black will contrast eachother. Mind you, it won't be a perfect rendition of what this set, this is just a test to give people an idea of what they can expect the Black, Maroon, and Pink combo to look like.

smol update, will be pushing out some bigger ones in the near future if all goes well

Updated interest check

Any chance of alt mods for unicolor set?


--- Quote from: iwobobul on Wed, 27 September 2023, 08:06:56 ---Any chance of alt mods for unicolor set?

--- End quote ---
Unfortunatley, no. If you are looking for a unicolor set, please look at GMK Maroon! Extras should be rolling around soonish and I used the same alpha color as GMK Maroon did (RAL 4004). I am planning on buying a set myself to combine with WoB.


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