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Today I'd like to introduce you to GMK - Blanc Sur Noir !
To put it simply, this is GMK WoB but with the Azerty (french) compatibility, with Tulip novelties as the cherry on the croissant.
For years, it has been a struggle with very little to choose from when looking for quality French keysets. We feel like the market might be ready to hit the MOQ to make this a reality.

This keyset has been designed by the community, for the community. I'm just a spokeperson here. There's also no designer fee to keep the price reasonable despite the low-ish MOQ.

We're aiming for a 150 sets MOQ, at a retail price of 130€.

Base Kit

Note: Mods will use CENTERED legends.


Plaket 60

Géonwork - F1-8x




- Will there be other kits? Due to how MOQs work and the niche audience for this group-buy, we are unable to add child kits.


Many thanks to

- Oblotzky: for allowing the project to happen
- Plaketdebeur: for taking the initiative as well as the lead of Blanc Sur Noir, but mostly for his passion
- Druz: 3D render god
- kustom3: kitting input and contributions to the visual assets
- biip: for his wisdom
- Zekth: kitting input, PR, bringing Oblotzky on board

Merci beaucoup for reading this and thank you in advance should you support this project.

Le jour de gloire est arrivé.

I'm interested. One thing I'd like to confirm -- will the icon modifiers (Shift, Caps Lock) have vertically-centered icons? (aka "Dixie mods" -- see Perestroika, Bingsu R1, 9009 R3, Dualshot, Botanical R1, etc). The renders seem to imply this, but there are some inconsistencies, thus making it unclear (e.g. see the 60% render -- left shift is centered; right shift is top-left aligned)

Still a niche but cool project; hope many people can join it to hit MOQ.

edit: I saw the "NOTE" :feelsbadman:

Au nom des enfants de la patrieeeee !

--- Quote from: kustom3 on Sun, 19 March 2023, 15:34:38 ---Le jour de gloire est arrivé.

--- End quote ---

Great, we finally will have the option of GMK double shot ABS keycaps in ISO-FR layout, great stuff for the French community 🤎.

Un rêve éveillé... pour la France !
Je suivrai évidemment de prêt l'IC comme le GB et je serai au rendez-vous, coûte que coûte.


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