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[IC] GMK - Blanc Sur Noir - NEW NA VENDOR

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--- Quote from: zekth on Sun, 19 March 2023, 15:43:15 ---
--- Quote from: LightningXI on Sun, 19 March 2023, 15:38:27 ---I'm interested. One thing I'd like to confirm -- will the icon modifiers (Shift, Caps Lock) have vertically-centered icons? (aka "Dixie mods" -- see Perestroika, Bingsu R1, 9009 R3, Dualshot, Botanical R1, etc). The renders seem to imply this, but there are some inconsistencies, thus making it unclear (e.g. see the 60% render -- left shift is centered; right shift is top-left aligned)

Still a niche but cool project; hope many people can join it to hit MOQ.

--- End quote ---

That is correct, but in the IC there's a note:

--- Quote ---Note: Mods will use CENTERED legends.
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---


Is feedback taken for kitting at all for this interest-check?

I kind of wish there was a "Tulip/EU Parliament replenishing kit":
- a four-key kit to have as replacement for when your set wears off from typing (due to the nature of colored UV printing on the keys)

Please make the 4 tulip caps a kit. Iíll buy like 5

This is endgame.

tres beau bonne chance avec ic



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