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What your fav mouse?

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--- Quote from: Retirba on Thu, 19 January 2023, 23:16:32 ---Zowie EC2-a until I got a Razer Viper 8k. For games that work well with the 8k (some games cause really bad frame drops for some reason), it's noticeable going back.

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The drops are due to the polling rate being excessive - takes a toll on hardware on the all the calls the mouse is making.  If Zowie would make a EC2/3c wireless, that would be my endgame mouse - I loved my EC1a Gloss white, but the weight was a bit much and I eventually was tired of being wired in on my mice (cable drag and catching was getting annoying).

Zowie is good, they seem to have their priorities straight. They use decent sensors,  they have a test kit with all their shells that you can rent and try out, and they don't require any kind of software.


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