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New Here, interested in Imsto keycaps but don't understand how it all works.


Hey guys, I'm new here. I just joined because I'm interested in the keycaps by imsto.

I'm looking at the "BSP PBT keyset with dyesub printed 103 pcs keycaps Group buy Round 3 pre order" <>
But I'm not sure what the information on the page means. This information is probably already elsewhere on this forum but I'm not sure where I can find it so if someone here can kindly please help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.

What type of keyboards are these meant for? I have a Filco Majestouch 2 which I bought a few years ago in Canada but I don't think these keys will quite fit because there is no menu key included and because the alt, ctrl, and windows keys are not correct for my keyboard.

Do the keycaps by Imsto generally have a Cherry profile or OEM profile?

What does it mean by "Include the GMK 7x spacebar"?

What does it mean by "E- E-D-C-B-A height"?

Ultimately I'm trying to figure out if the keycaps will fit my Filco Majestouch 2 by learning what everything means. If the keycaps won't fit, has Imsto created a set that would fit before?

Thanks guys!

hi, I try to answer some of the questions that I know  :),
1. BSP keycap only for the type of keyboard winkeyless , but for FILCO it fit just the base set and some modifier except step capslock , and the bottom row ( 1.5x + 1x + 1.5x + 7.0x + 1.5x + 1x + 1.5x )
2 Cherry profile
3. The spacebar is 7.0x size , such as those used in the keyboard costum kmac , and Cherry keyboards such as G80
4. I ​​do not know
5. back to number one , if looking keycap that fit with Filco you can see the website or taobao imsto unfortunately left only the thick gray pbt (you can directly ask imsto )

Thanks for the reply!

It looks like the BSP sets won't be fitting my keyboard so I'll have to see if IMSTO eventually re-releases a set that does.

4. Are the Profile key heights, different brands use different heights/angles for different rows and call them different things. Your example means the top 2 rows are the same height as is normal with cherry profile, the main difference with cherry sets is the bottom row usually, BSP has A and B profile bottom rows for the TKL area I don't think they have a 0 numpad key as my black blank has B profile Ctrl, alt, win keys and A profile 0 numpad key as you can see the 1.5 key inbetween the 2 alts is lower than the rest.

5. He has used Vortex and BSP mostly in the past so any of the Vortex sets would work, and recently he has used Gateron, which will also work. The Blue and grey sets on his site are Vortex and would work. Although I've heard of the Costar stabilizers getting stuck on the thicker PBTs like Leopold and I can't say for sure they won't with Vortex or Gateron, the work around people have used is dremel-ing the inside where the stabilizer would rub.

Thanks for the info Knives.

Much appreciated.


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