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Contact info for SP to inquire about WYSE DCS Modern Replica


Been spitballing with some like-minded people who see the beauty and virtue of using keycaps from a lot of the older WYSE vintage black boards that get harvested.

I actually type daily on an NOS ANSI-US set that I was fortunate enough to score a Moogle compatibility kit to finish it out, and use it on my work daily driver. The textured feel is actually quite nice, transmitting tactile feedback through the thinner-than-commonly-preferred keycaps, and the legends are thin and clean and a pleasing font. Not to mention that it is a 95% match to the ubiquitous Cherry profile sculpt/profile, and homing dots are pretty great IMO (not as subtle as scoops, not as pronounced as bars).

That being said, I'm looking for a lead on contact info for someone at SP to see what feasibility is to do a replication set true to the original WYSE colors/style (unlike SoWaRe).

Looking to do Moogle kit like what was run years back, so those who have harvested or possess OG WYSE caps can properly use them on modern layout boards, in addition to doing a full ANSI-US reproduction set to cover 100%.

I've heard the name Melissa in the past, and don't know if she's active on GH, but if someone could point me in the right direction, would appreciate the help.


Thanks, aware of contact form - wasn't sure if there was an active person on forums who might have more direct way of communicating.


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