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Switches now vs Switches from 7 years ago?

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--- Quote from: mohawk1367 on Wed, 13 September 2023, 11:48:52 ---Ok you might just have finger nerve damage lol

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Apparently my career as a mechanical keyboard switch testing YouTuber is pretty dead in the water..before it ever began?

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Nah, as long and you can provide a five minute long ASMR video of you typing to "test" them thats all you need. No one on YouTube actually talks about how switches feel anymore.

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True. just put them in a foam box with gmk laser and see how they sound!


--- Quote from: Rhienfo on Sat, 09 September 2023, 19:37:46 ---
--- Quote from: HungerMechanic on Sat, 09 September 2023, 19:10:42 ---Yes.

There's an image that shows a wizened keyboard customizer. Who is using MX Browns, just like a newbie. Since [when treated properly] the MX Browns can become very good.

So you can do fine with Gateron or Cherry if they happen to fit your needs.

But a flowchart could help.

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do you have the image of the "wizened keyboard customizer" is it like one of those bell curve ones? I do want to see that.

I might actually make a quick flowchart now or something as I have the time for it.

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--- Quote from: HungerMechanic on Tue, 19 September 2023, 20:38:57 ---Show Image

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Lol that's pretty good.

also that reminded me of that flowchart that I didn't finish lol

Prince Valiant:

--- Quote from: loki993 on Wed, 13 September 2023, 10:38:32 ---Also think the hobby, maybe away from this forum, has become more about sound, looks and maybe feel in that order.

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That roughly describes a friend of mine. Asked all sorts of questions but in the end looks and sound were the deciding factors within the budget.

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