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Dz60 - Can i fix the circuit damaged by using milmax.


Hi everyone,
I recently got the dz60 soldering PCB from my friend, and after soldering the switches onto it, almost every key in row 3 didn't work. From what I've known, it seems like the circuits were damaged. I think placing the bridge might help. I got the map for DZ60 but have no idea how to read it. Then I saw a post saying that you can fix it by using Milmax, so can anyone verify if this information is true or not?
Thanks to all for reading. English is not my language, so please ask me anything if you do not understand.


I suspect that what you read about the  Mill-Max socket might have been for a very specific case. It is not a general technique AFAIK.

You will have to find where on the PCB that it is damaged, and solder a bridging wire over it. One end of the wire could be anywhere on the row that currently does not work.
There have been several revisions of the DZ60 that might be different, so it could be difficult for anyone to give more specific advice.

I also read about the case of fixing it with Mill-Max, however it was quite complicated for me. I took a look at the broken PCB and I soldered a jumper wire across it but it still doesn't work.


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