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TX AP v4 Stabs incompatible with MT3 keys?


I'm building a keyboard and plan to use TX AP v4 stabs with MT3 keycaps.  I saw one miscellaneous comment that this new stab design does not fit MT3 key caps.  Can anyone confirm or deny?  It would seem odd if true.

Just tried a L Shift, Enter, & 7u spacebar key from the MT3 BoW ABS set on my Frog 8k which has TX AP (rev.4) stabs on it & they worked just fine. The only thing I can think of is the MT3 caps do fit a little loose on the stabs cruciform mount & can teeter totter. Although that can be easily fixed by putting a small piece of plastic baggie or cello tape over the mounts on the stabs. That effectively shims them to the correct size & keeps them held tightly in the caps's mount.

Awesome!  Thanks for the guidance.


--- Quote from: Tseg on Mon, 27 November 2023, 11:28:31 ---Awesome!  Thanks for the guidance.

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No problem!


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