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finally, a kingdom hearts set! i think by far the best thing about your set is the novelties, i really like them a lot. when it comes to the colors of the set, i understand where the colors come from and how it relates the aqua, however, i dont think a lot of people will take it into account when purchasing this set. ultimately as the designer all the decisions are yours and i dont want to dissuade you if this is how you envision your set, but i feel like simplifying the design might work better in gaining interest for your set.

i wish you luck on the project, i will be following along as i really do hope to see a kh set in gb!

I love this!

I've been wanting a nice kingdom hearts themed set like this for so long. I was even looking into making my own!

I hope you can continue making this!

Seems like the alpha legends are a bit thick compared to the modifiers.

Is it weird that I want these even though im not a kingdom hearts fan

looks good to me


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