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Hello everyone! Just wanted to say hi and share some of my work. Artisan keycap maker based out of Denver.
Just stepped into some desk pads today! Released my first series. Have been releasing caps for the past 6 months.

All the caps I make go straight to sale on the site. No raffles, no group buys, no drops. I don't like to take money before
a product is ready and I don't like to force invoices to be paid within 24 hours to rush someone into buying something.

All work is here:

Also feel free to join my discord. Future releases are discussed
there and all caps go live to Discord before other socials. I love to
hang and chat boards / cap process etc.

Would love to get everyone's opinions on my work!

I also released a line of desk pads.

I only got two of them printed so far but there's 9 designs on the site! All my own illustrations.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work <3


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