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A Handmade Resin Keycap Set Now Prototyped

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Hello forum,

Exciting news on the horizon! After investing a considerable amount of time, our team Sourlemon Studio has successfully crafted the first prototype of a project we've been eagerly working on. So I think now is time we share this development with all of you!
As a studio dedicated to the design and production of artisan keycaps (and dye-sub), we often employ the technique of resin casting. Recently, we came up an idea: what if we created an entire keycap set using resin, like wood or metal or ceramic keycaps?

I searched the internet all over, there has been 2 or 3 fellow resin artists or keeb enthusiasts have done this, but the quality leaves a lot of room for improvement. And they are all at least 4 years from now. We engaged in this course with high enthusiasm anyway.

We explored several methods to incorporate unique features beyond the inherent transparency of the resin. Ultimately, we decided to infuse luminous effects and integrate tiny gadgets inside each keycap—drawing inspiration from the artisan keycaps we're well-acquainted with (smaller size tho).

In addition to these innovations, we've designed three distinct colorways where all the aforementioned elements, including coloring, the inherent qualities of resin, gadget placement, and luminous effects, work together seamlessly. And the result is exactly what we intended.
We've managed to craft three coherent themes, each keycap is like a piece of a puzzle, fitting together to create a picture. The entire set paints a complete picture of the intended theme, the idea is the same as we made our dye-sub sets in themes.
What do you guys think of that? We’d love to hear from you, any feedback will be very helpful.
[ Specified attachment is not available ]Our goal will be finding a way to determine and shorten the time cost which will enable a certain amout of production in December. At the moment, A 104 key full set takes us about 3-4 hours at most. If we can reduce the time to somewhere around 2 hours, we can aim our price at a very plesant lower position.

More details and info will be on our discord . For authentic shots and images, we will post regularly on Instagram

Thank you for your support as we embark on this creative journey!
Sourlemon Tech

check out how we made this!

This is what I'm trying to do. I have bought so many cheap resins to cover a 60% keyboard. However, the final result was not as fascinating as I initially imagined. The inconsistency of the design and the color turned my keyboard into a chaos of color. So glws!!!

this is pretty. GLWIC

ever consider doing hi pro keycaps for topre boards like KeySculptNerd?


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