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Need an Ajazz keycap, suggestions?


I have a missing ",<" key (Gray / Ajazz Sea Salt Linear) that didn't come with an Ajazz AKS068 Pro Alice Wireless Mechanical Keyboard. I made the mistake of ordering it from - do not order from there if you want after-sales service, I've been emailing and have yet to get a response. Is there someplace I could get just that key from? I should probably do a PayPal dispute at this point... is there someplace I can get replacement keycaps compatible with that keyboard, or should I just ask for a full refund? Thanks in advance for any help.

So I used the Ajazz website contact form here to ask about getting the missing keycap:

And I got this reply from

--- Quote ---Hello,
We apologize for the late reply due to time difference.
We don't sell keycaps for this keyboard separately on our website, sorry for the inconvenience.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Have a nice day.
Best regards,

Epomaker Support Team

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--- End quote ---

A day later I got this reply finally from

--- Quote ---Hi there,

Thanks for your reply,

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by our product.

We have reported the issue to our factory and we will receive the result within 3-5 business days usually.

At which point, we will contact you immediately for a resolution.

How about refunding you 5 usd as compensation and you buy a keycap in your local shop?

If you do not receive feedback,please contact us for help again.

Thanks for your patience.

--- End quote ---

The $5 obviously won't work for me if I can't get a matching keycap from anyplace, and the "local shop" comment is just funny (I mean I wish I had a local keyboard shop that sold a wide variety of keycaps, but that is not the situation in the northeast United States!) I find it surprising that Ajazz can't send me a keycap, and that WhatGeek is unsure if they can make this right. When I've had problems with keycaps on keyboards made by companies with American offices, it hasn't been a problem in the past (one time a key was broken in shipment, another time a key had the wrong legend printed on it, in both cases the companies sent me the right keycaps). It makes me wonder if WhatGeek is just a drop shipper, since I'd assume if they had inventory, they could at least open up another product, take the missing keycap from that and sent it to me, and then wait for a replacement from the factory on their own time.


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