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Replacement Keycaps for ADB Keyboard (Alps)


I recently got an ADB Keyboard (658-4081) but I lost one of the keycaps when cleaning it.

1) Is there a good source for keycaps?

2) Would an Alps IIc keycap work? They seem to have the same profile.

Because the layout is non standard, modern caps aren't really a good option if it's one of those unique caps.

But if it does help there are 2 main options, SP/dcs and tai hao alps.

DCS is better but tai hao is more readily available.

if you are referring to alps AEK keycaps, than I don't think they would work well since they don't have the same profile I'm pretty sure.

You're best bet is probably buying replacement keycaps off of ebay, there are people who usually sell them so you could pick up the one you lost.

Hope this helps.

Apple was really good about making custom profile keycaps for nearly all of their mech boards. The M3501 is unique to itself because the F row is rotated 90 and on stilts. Odds are you will need replacements off Ebay.

I just needed a single keycap but I wasn't able to find an individual seller with the keycap I needed. Turns out the Apple Rescue Group of Denver offers replacement keycaps along with some other parts for the board so I was able to order from there.

As for my second question, the height and profile are different enough that it probably wouldn't work unless you got lucky with the right row.


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