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I just received an email, so I'll post the excerpt for those of you who may be interested:

--- Quote ---Due to an overabundant request for much needed promo codes we will be having a quick flash sale!
ALL single keycaps will be 20% off! ($2.40 per Keycap)
Please feel free to share our sale with others and help support us!

Furthermore, due to the heavy popularity and massive request, we will be offering a limited
$10 off coupon on our Smile! Keyset with the promo code

Both of these Promotions will end on 1/29/13 @ 11:59 PM PST
--- End quote ---

That Smile! set is even cuter in real life than it looks in the photos :)

Hmm I want to put in an Order but for 4 keys I am getting $8.29 postage when shipping policy states it should be $4.29.

Ah just noticed the thread... kind of a deal breaker for me unfortunately.

Thanks for posting! Smiles are on their way to me now.

 - Ron | samwisekoi


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