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That Shipping Speed!!!!


I am going to be totally upfront when I placed a order for Tealios this weekend. I did this due to the blackfriday/Cyber Monday sale.  I read about how they offer amazing 1 day shipping from Canada to the States. I balked at the 15 dollar shipping fee for switches, that's pretty expensive. I also did the math bottom line was the sale made them cheaper then anywhere else shipped. I ordered them they shipped Monday yesterday... I be if there not slated for delivery today by end of day Tuesday. That is just obscene that 15 dollar shipping, while expensive really is top notch for international shipping. I wouldn't hesitate to order more that is for sure. I would figure I would share cause sure like most they look at 1 business day average and think no way... but yep to the United States it was Overnight. I don't live any where near Canada. I wish other places offered 15 dollar overnight shipping.

ZealPC shipping is no joke.


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