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PCB generator and helper plugin for KiCad

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Next release will get better track template support, hopefully making it viable choice for ergogen users:

so far it was not possible to define template between more than two pads, making it unsuitable for reversible footprints.

Release of kbplacer v0.7 is almost there (wait for merge into KiCad's PCM).
In the meantime I've written script which scraps via layouts and automatically generates (and routes) PCBs based on them. I did it for demo purposes and too see how router is working with variety of layouts.
Anyway, results can be found here

Some selected results:

As you may see it is not perfect but it is not terrible either.

I've also written python renderer for kle-layouts and ported obscure js package (keyboard-layout-editor uses that) to python so I can have nice images (and links) on that site. So even if you find those PCB files not interesting. could still be usable as layout viewer.

Thank you for this great tool, it helped me a lot with positioning key switches in bulk (though I had to move them around in designs where rows are offset). I noticed that the reason was it places each switch cluster in the order it appears in the provided json. I managed to get around it by following a design schema where I declare the position of each switch manually in the json starting left to right and figured out the way KLE does the positioning (before it refactors it for efficiency). Looking forward for new updates

New kbplacer release is up
Just a minor bugfix this time.

Deployed new version of
For release notes check


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