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PCB generator and helper plugin for KiCad

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Hi adamws and thank you for making this. It's such a great tool and I've used quite often lately.

One thing I found, is that when selecting the ai03 library, it causes an exception, halfway through the process.

Also, as you mention in your guide, routing seems to fail for some rotated switches.

thanks for feedback!
One of the big issues is that I do not have any tests at this moment and I'm checking things manually - indeed ai03 lib is not working anymore and I didn't catch that.
Also, I still need to improve error reporting mechanism - because some of the processing steps are started as sub-processes, the error message in popup is not very helpful (it only points to failed step but exact reason is lost - I do not store job history on the server).

Routing for rotations is another part to be improved, I will try to fix it somewhere down the line.

and just a note, to anyone using it - github issues are welcome. Posting it here is also fine.

edit: ai03 is fixed now

I had this error but I figured it out.

Improved switch-diode routing for rotated switches:

after (track is rotated same as switch/diode):

started some quality checking/examples:

Sorry to necro this, but more folks need to be aware of and use this project.

I just stumbled on this tool and it looks very promising. But, being a noob, I have failed to convince it to function correctly for me.

I uploaded perhaps a half dozen JSON files files from the Keyboard Layout Editor, but a few of them do not render at all and one rendered incorrectly, no matter which Project Options I chose.
For instance:
My Kyria layout will not render at all, nor did another layout that I am currently working on, which is a 60% ortholinear layout that resembles a Planck, but with staggered columns. In each case I received an error message that wasn't particularly helpful. Here is an example:

--- Code: ---{ "exc_message": "Traceback (most recent call last):\n File \"/kicad/src/\", line 69, in generate_kicad_project\n log_path = kicad.new_pcb(task_id, task_request, __update_percentage)\nException: Preview render failed\n", "exc_type": "Exception" }

--- End code ---
My Iris layout does render, but both haves of this split board render as one single, large PCB, instead of two separate pieces. I suppose that this makes sense and I should have submitted this layout one half (one PCB) at a time..
Other layouts, such as a standard 60% and a Cherry 1800 layout render just fine.

That said, of all of the layouts that did render, I had a problem when clicking on the "Download Project" button. In each case, all I received was a zero length file. I tried temporarily disabling my firewall, but this brought me no joy.

Anywho, this is a brilliant project that more folks should be test driving, so I thought that I'd offer some feedback.

Thanks for your efforts!!!


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