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New Model F with 104 Layout - Yay!

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That is why I decided to go with the classic style case myself. I was worried about those recessed keys. I love the slope of the keys, and I think the classic case works better for it. Granted, I'll have to wait longer for it to ship, but I've waited decades for this moment so a few months more is okay.

Greetings to all.

If the supreme tactile feel is similar to the true Model F AT then.. we are witnessing the rebirth of the best keyboard in the world !

Very excited and I must say congratulations to the guys.

Hi, after using my Ultra Compact Model F104 daily for the past 2 months, I can say the the quality of that keyboard is impressive. All the keys are very reliable and the nice click feeling is uniform for all of them.

I was wondering: is there any way to adjust the travel distance of the keys? If I could, I would try to increase the travel distance before the click. I haven't seen any advice about that in the manual but I may have missed something.



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