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New Model F with 104 Layout - Yay!

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As an owner of 2 IBM Model M's, I thought this was cool until I saw the price!  :-X.  :'(


--- Quote from: mikekoz on Thu, 27 April 2023, 10:41:58 ---As an owner of 2 IBM Model M's, I thought this was cool until I saw the price!  :-X.  :'(

--- End quote ---

Oh yes, they are pricey for computer keyboards. Justifiably so (they're not easy to throw together after all, and they're low volume productions) but still probably the most expensive keyboard you'd ever buy.

I'd say that unless you type all day every day, you're doing just fine with your Model M's. They give allot of the Model F experience and are fantastic value for money. My only major issue with them is that the weighting makes them fatiguing after typing all day, but that's not an issue if you aren't typing all the time.

If you DO type all day, and you like the feel of the M but find that the weighting gets to be a bit much after typing allot, and you don't feel like dealing with archaic keyboard layouts, converter dongles, spacebar modifications, and maybe a foam restoration... and you can swing it without breaking the bank... that's when these are worth seriously considering.

This is such a good price, it is pricey but I think that it is worth the price considering that it is alu and it is far more customizable than regular model m, plus reverse engineering model f buckling springs of course.

Semi related but those caps look insanely good for 40-50 bucks

I would buy one but there are two things that always make me abandon the idea:

1st, you pay, but you have no idea when you will receive your keyboard. There's a sort of list where you can buy numbers for stickers on the bottom of your keyboard, paying a lot of extra money to have some kind of priority in the waiting list, but it's all very confusing and vague, or maybe it's my fault not understanding well.

2nd, the customs fees + taxes when importing the keyboard to my country. I've done numbers, and if I order the keyboard, the repair kit and a set of extra keycaps, adding the customs costs, the result is more than 800$, too much in my opinion for a keyboard, no matter if it's the best in the world. Actually, I'm not sure if it would be a better idea to travel to the US, buy the keyboard, and then go back home :)

Entropia in recent months there has been an update on the shipping timeline.  For all of the in stock items (beam spring, Model F keyboards and extras), shipping lead times are now 1-4 weeks, so you have a good expectation of when the keyboard goes out.

The remaining keyboards that are in production (round 2 beam spring and Model M style Model F) are expected to go out later this year. 


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