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Enhanced Quiet Touch vs Buckling Spring

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I've been using a Model M like keyboard (IBM circa 1997) for the last few months, and am getting some complaints when I'm on the phone with customers (I think my co-workers are fed up too...).  I really like the way it feels, and type better with it, but the clacking even gets to me some times.  I just ordered this "Enhanced Quiet Touch" version from, but haven't gotten it yet.  Any experience with these?  Do you think it will be at least close to the buckling spring?

I was using a Fingerworks Touchstream for years, but the left half finally quit and replacements are VERY expensive now.  It was hard enough switching from it back to a real keyboard (and a nice big trackball), but when I try the "normal" membrane ones we've got scattered around the office its just sad, like half the keystrokes get lost.

Are the non-buckling spring mechanicals any better sound wise?  The Model M one I've got is like bouncing quarters off a table with each key.  Anyone every tried to silence a Model M?  It seems like the spring buckling makes all of the noise, but I wonder if I could pad the tray or something to quiet it down.

Never tried the Enhanced Quite Touch myself.  It's a rubber dome though.  The Majestouch brown switch model could work, though it's hard to find outside of Japan.

Can't answer your question, since I'm unfamiliar with the rubber dome version of the Customizer. But out of curiosity, did you attempt any repairs on your TouchStream after the left pad died out? Like replacing the ribbon cable? Do you still have it? And I must say, that is quite a switch, moving from the TouchStream to a Model M.

The Majestouch with brown Cherry MX switches is indeed pretty quiet, about on a par with the Key Tronic membrane keyboard I use at work.

There were two problems, the first was that some of the surface mount chips on the left pad were loose.  That was a known problem with some of the earlier models of the keyboard (I had pre-ordered it), and was just intermittent until recently.  I opened it up and the connections on the chip side of the board all looked good, so I'm guessing the sensor side has a run of broken connections now.  The second problem is over the course of about 6 months the controller started degrading and the keyboard would reset continuously and stream all sorts of odd keystrokes by itself.  If the ebay prices ever come down, I'm hoping to snag another one or some parts to see if I can bring it back to life.

So are the mechanical switch models generally not too loud (compared to buckling spring)?  Does anyone make a standard 101 key layout using mechanicals?

Those Majestouch look great, but it looks like you end up paying $200 for a $80 keyboard because of all the buyer commissions and shipping.  I just ordered 2 Scorpius-M10s based on the reviews I read here.  It seems like the dome membrane quiet touch one will be no good, but who knows, I'm sure someone around the office will want it.  

The Scorpius one looks great, just need to pry the extra 3 keys off.


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