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[IC] Salvun's Timascus keycap (R1)

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Salvun made a rather special, first of its kind, keycap in Titanium Damascus also known as Timascus. 
It is a patented metal material consisting of two or more titanium alloys, Timascus is corrosion resistant, non-magnetic, and lightweight. 

Some more information about Timascus can be found on the following link below:



The price for one of these will most likely be 200 USD for a single keycap.
We understand that this is a rather steep price for a single keycap but understand the material itself is expensive as is the tooling needed to machine these.
Besides the material cost the keycap also requires manual polishing to achieve the end result.


We will make only a small number of these keycaps focussing on quality rather than quantity. 
Because of the price, we have no idea how many actually are willing to pay for a keycap like this so I have setup a small google form to get some idea about the demand for this.

Please fill in the form to let us know if you are interested in buying one of these or not.
Most likely these keycaps will only be sold through a raffle.

superconductor next?

I really love the premise behind this piece. Iíve always loved the Damascus process and look on weapons and other smithed pieces.

That being said, the price alone may make it difficult to ship. Good luck with this IC! I really hope people are into it!

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Damn wtf, we need a sound test before I can drop that much money on a keycap

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