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Previous work
Geist rev 1, serenity and other work can be found on my github


* Any usb port (Usb mini b, micro b, usb C)
* Single color backlight
* Cherry MX, CHOC, hotswap, Alps, MX and ALPS footprint choices
* Boards powered by a pro micro or by an mcu that's soldered on the board, a mcu soldered on the board is required for bigger boards (40%+)
* Split keyboard PCB
* OLED display
* Rotary encoder
* Rgb underglow
* Bluetooth with ZMK
* Per key rgb with ws2812c-2020
Pricing and design process

Currently (2021/8/8 I am pretty much completely free. If you're interested in getting a custom pcb designed, please fill out this form and PM me with the pcb name on discord (Gtrx#1598) Or geekhack to get a quote and time estimate. Note, I'm much more active on discord than geekhack.


Update: I do not do pcb assembly. I suggest finding people on here or mechmarket if you need your pcb assembled by someone else.

Update: I am mostly free once again.


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