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Tom Sparrow:

GB Thread

Welcome to the Hunt!

My name is Tom and I am so proud to share my project "GMK Hunt" with you.
I am creating this set to get more engaged with the hobby we all share.

This set is inspired by the nice scenery of a hunt. The colours shall represent the firs, muddy grounds and pebble. To match the terrain as good as possible it uses 2 Ral colors and one GMK color.

I am looking forward to all your feedback, for that please comment down below and fill out my IC-Form!

IC Form




Chapter 1 by Rooke Design


Pneuma by Stef Wolters

Frog TKL by GEON


Bear65 by jacky

AXE60 by $mit6y


Rama U80 by Rama


KeebStuff                                                                                                                                       Luxe Cables




Salvun                                                                                                                                       Key Cravings

Forest Keys                                                                                                                                       Melonkeys

Fraktal Kaps                                                                                                                                       GS Keycaps

Artkey Universe                                                                                                                                       Krakenkap


If you want to support my project, please share it and use the signature below! Thank you for your support!

--- Code: ---[url=][img width=400 height=120][/img][/url]
--- End code ---

Tom Sparrow:

* Feb 14 FAQ added here
* Feb 15 New Chapter 1 renders added
* Feb 21 Vendors Announced!
* Mar 14

* New collaborations announced, including:
* Luxe Cables
* Salvun
* Key Cravings
* Forest Keys Click Here.
* Also added renders with the AXE60 to the IC. Click Here.
* Apr 18
* Base kit now includes mod arrows and F13
* Alternate alpha kit has been added
* International kit has been added
* Size and row information added to all kits
* Pneuma renders added showing off the alternate kit
* US vendor name adjustment
* Jul02
* Added GB Month
* Added Vendors

* Korea - Swagkeys
* Japan - Basekeys
* Added collaborations

* Mechfashion
* Fraktalkaps
* GS Keycaps
* Melonkeys
* Adjusted IC design
* Jul 03 Color comparison added
* Jul 18 kitting is final
* Aug 08 Artkey and Krakenkap Collaboration added
* Oct 06 MechFashion Prototypes added and Winkeys Collaboration
* Oct 26 Quotes have arrived, Novelty update
* Oct 29 GB Announcement
* Nov 21 added render of Frog TKL
* Dec 03 added Salvun cap
* Dec 05 GB is live and added Melonkeys mockup
* Dec 06 GB is live and added LuxeCables

Looks like Camping that was left in a mud on a sun for a couple of years

Some of those novelties may have issues getting made.

edit: spacebar kit image didn't load LMAO

F13, 00, and UKISO numbers avail?


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