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Poorly Devised Keycaps



Keycaps are cool and I wanted to try to make some.
SHIPPING: Buyer pays shipping (CONUS should be less than $10)
* Venmo and PayPal accepted
* Keycap names are given left to right
* Please PM me the keycaps you are interested in
* Sold keycaps will be striked out
* I will update the listings as fast as reasonably possible QUESTIONS: Please let me know if you have any questions

NOTICE: I only recently started making keycaps. Please understand that there may be imperfections and inconsistencies with the keycaps.

Available Keycaps

Red & Blue
RB Servo 1, RB DIP-8, RB Servo 2
Juicy Hazard
JH Servo 1, JH DIP-8 1
G Servo 1, G DIP-8 1, G Servo 2

Glitzed Purple
GP Servo 1, GP DIP-8 1

Juicy Blue
JB Servo 1, JB Servo 2
Interest Check
ATTiny85 based four-button macro based on the Digispark USB Development Board.

* Compatible with the Arduino IDE
* Assembled and unassembled options
* With or without switches
* Alternative artworks possible
* Open source code
* Potential GUI to alter key mapping (support would be limited)Modification from shown:

* Sturdier micro-USB port
* Additional USB protection (PTC & varistor on VBUS, ESD suppressors on data lines)If you'd be interested let me know!

This board is not affiliated or endorsed by Digistump LLC or the Digispark team in any way.

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