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DSA Funky Duck


This is DSA Funky Duck, the keycap set inspired by the sounds of low volume funk music. The set aims to create this mood by using the beautiful font Vulf Mono. The font and the light blue colour of the modifiers give us a cool, retro keycap design.

Specifically, the set uses DSA keys. The custom characters from Vulf Mono will be dyesubbed onto the PBT base. We aim to use DSAs from Signature Plastics.

The font itself is designed by James Edmondson from Oh No Type co. I have contacted James, and have permission to design keycaps around it. The font is inspired by classic IBM typewriters. It is also famous for being used by the incredible funk band Vulfpeck. Check them out!

Geon Vanquish65

Below are renders of the 5 proposed kits (alphas, modifiers, ortho/40, numpad and novelties). I have tried my best to make sure the kits cover as many options as possible.
The colour is a slight off-white, the SP PBT colour WAN to be precise. We include the required alpha keys to be compatible with Alice, Dvorak and Colemak

Keycaps required for most basic TKL/ALICE/HHKB/65/75 and ISO UK setups. The modifiers in this set (alongside all other ones) use the colour SP colour BFG.

40/ Ortho



If you have any notes on the kitting, please let me know. There are a few questions about this on the Google form. I have tried to cover as many options as possible, but getting 100% coverage of every option may not be possible. I apologise if you’re preferred setup cannot be covered.

VendorsVendors have been contacted, and three have said they are keen to support the project (this is in the regions of UK, Asia and Canada). These will be announced shortly.

* 1/8/2021: Added render of Vanquish65

Google form:

ne homing on j(for qwerty) avail


--- Quote from: llKanull on Tue, 27 July 2021, 05:34:59 ---ne homing on j(for qwerty) avail

--- End quote ---

good catch! I've updated it now, thanks

missing a homing i and NORDE for me to be on board. but other then that looks good :thumb:

I love Vulfpeck!


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