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Orange County Mechanical Keyboards Meetup 2021


Hello everyone!

My name is Geneva and I've been a part of the keyboard community since 2018. As we question "when's the next keyboard meet up in Socal?" I've been brewing up something over here in Socal with some friends.

I am pleased to announce the Orange County Mechanical Keyboard Meet up Fall 2021! We will be hosting some giveaways donated by the generous people of the community!
Attached is the official flyer for the event. You may spread the word out to friends, but we will have a cap of 75 participants.
This event will be held indoors at:
Northwood Community Center
4531 Bryan Ave
Irvine, CA 92606
Saturday, September 18, 2021

If interested, join the OC keys discord for more information on the meetup under "Meetup Announcements". There you will find out how to RSVP, pay, and find the FAQs.

Payment would be $10 by September 10th would go towards renting the facility, gaining entry for the schweet giveaways we have planned, and checking out some cool keyboards of all ages and sizes.

For COVID precautions we are:
1. Mandating masks for the full duration of the event
2. Providing gloves and hand sanitizer

Thanks for your interest and we can't wait for this meet up!

Update: We have hit cap.

If you're interested, please join the waitlist. It does NOT guarantee admission, but in the case we have spots withdrawn from the meet up, I will be going through the google form queue to contact the next person.

You can also sign up for updates for future meet ups!


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