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-Welcome to the interest check for DSA Abyss Hunter-

Straight from the depths of the abyss comes the Abyss Hunter. A keycap set inspired by space bounty hunters and galactic monsters. Blast your way out from ruthless waves of aliens with these double shot keycaps made of ABS by Signature Plastics

Interest Form


2765 C - 2715 C - 2354 C


-Base Set-

The base kit has compatibility for TKL, 75%, 65%, 60% and some 40% boards along with support for F13 boards and Alice layouts.


Standalone alphas kit.

-Num Pad-

Child kit to add the standard number pad keys.


Novelties set featuring custom other-worldly hieroglyphics to add a pop of abyss to your keyboard. All designs are by me.


NorDe child kit can be added to the base.


TBA open for collaborations


All renders were created by me.
*Renders may not depict final product.

-Whimsy by PRKNS-

-Fuji 65 by CMM Studio-

-Maya by Vulcan-

óMolly by The Key Company-

-Isometria by ebastler-


US: Dangkeebs
CA: Alphakeys
EU: MyKeyboard
UK: Keycrox
PH/SEA: Zion Studios
AUS/OCE: Daily Clack

Contact Me

Discord: Exembe #3649
Instagram: buzzmosa

Change Log

09/01/21: Taking a break on the project for now
08/30/21: Added NorDe support kit, added arrow keys instead of text
08/28/21: Made the light purple lighter for legend clarity. New Molly by The Key Company render and Isometria by ebastler
08/27/21: Removed 40s kit and changed the name of the set
08/19/21: First post


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Definitely, loving this set; especially w/ it being DSA profile & having a 40s kit, please sign me up!!!

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me likey. colorway is nice and kitting is also good
glwic :thumb:

Love, love, love the colorway! Definitely in for a couple kits. glwic!

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Okay, number one - fix your images.

Number two - I don't even know because I can't see your images because they are 640x360 resolution.


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