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2021 Seattle WA Meetup Aug 28

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RSVP here with what you plan on bringing/doing. Address is 1214 10th Ave Seattle, WA 98122. If you feel comfortable with it say what town your from and what time you plan on arriving. Current planned time is 5 o'clock PM but if there are a bunch of people coming from south of Lewis county or east of
the mountains it can be adjusted to an earlier time.

I am from North Bend, WA. For keyboards I plan on bringing my HHKB, ID75 Ortho, Focus 2001, and tentatively my F62 if anyone is interested in capacitive buckling springs. For trackballs I plan on bringing a Microsoft Trackball Optical, a Ploopy classic, and possibly another from my collection if it is of interest. For my project at the event I am torn between modding my HHKB if the Norbauer case miraculously ships in time or possibly restoring either the MTO or 2001 if I can spare the time.

PC Concepts:
bringing my matrix noah, hyped to attend an event in seattle.

I'm coming from North Bend as well! I'm excited for this meetup but I've got to be somewhere late that same evening so I might only be able to attend for a short time.
I'm planning to be there as early as possible, so if it's starting at 5:00 pm I'll be there at 5:00 pm and I could stay for an few hours.

For the record, I would LOVE to try out your board with the capacitive buckling springs!

I'm planning to bring:
* Ducky One Two Horizon moded with Box Jade switches + Ducky Horizon SA keycaps.
* Drop CTRL High Profile with Box Whites + Pudding keycaps
* Wooting Two (the original version with the analogue flaretech clicky switches, not the new lekker edition hall effect switches)
* KBDFans 72 switch tester, Kailh Box switch tester, Custom 30 switch tester will all kinds of fun random switches (over 100 unique switches!!!)
* Walletburner Cajal with noble yellow switches (I'm waiting on a proper set of keycaps for this one but I could still show it off in its current state)

If anyone is interested I can also bring:
* Northgate OmniKey with white alps (This board is in a sad state, super dusty, and the keys bind a bit, but if someone wants to try it I can bring it)
* Corsair K70 with Cherry MX Blues + Corsair's PBT Double shot keycaps

I will bring an Anne Pro 2 with MT3 keycaps + a Dwarf Factory artisan, a Prime_e with POM keycaps + artisans, My 16 favorite switches in a 4x4 switch tester, and an Atreus42 in a bamboo case.

EDIT:  I'm from Bothell.  5 pm sounds good.
I would love to try the buckling spring switches, and also the white alps!
I may bring my bag of random switches I have collected (about 70 or 80 different types of switches) just MX.

EDIT 2: Here is the discord link:

Hi everyone, I just started learning about keyboards and was lucky enough to see there is a Seattle meet-up.  Is the event open to visit or do we need to sign up?  Thanks for any info!


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