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[GB] GMK Tako | September 13 - October 17

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GMK TakoGroup Buy: September 13 - October 17Estimated shipping: Q3 2022Discord Server

This set is themed after octopuses and few colors they can assume, while mantaining a cute-ish style.

KITSBeside standard support: 3-key 40%, 660 and Terminal ISOSpacebars Kit also has 2x3c for cultured individuals

"Takolithic" DESKMAT

910 by yuktsiwith Novelties
Onyx by Funderburkerwith Latin Only Alphas and Novelties
Frog by Geon

Iron165 by Smith + Runewith Novelties

More RendersMore    Aella by AKB    with Latin Only Alphas   
    Nemui by Bachoo   
    Vanquish by Geon    with Novelties   

    Jane by yuktsi   
    Alice by yuktsi    with Novelties   
    Cypher by Cable Car Designs    with Latin Only Alphas       
    V4NAGON by Trash Man   

COLLABORATIONSAsero Foundry*kanji will be up to date with one in Novelties kit
Rocket Cables
GSKAmusing AtelierMelonkeys

* Izeri#0001 on Discord
* Discord Server
PricesMoreBase: $128 USD @500 MOQNovelties: $54 USD @150 MOQSpacebars: $29 USD @100 MOQLatin Only Alphas: $66 USD @100 MOQAsero Aluminum Caps: $54 USD @100 MOQ Combined
VendorsMoreEurope: mykeyboard.euNorth America: mechsandco.comSouth America: fancycustoms.comCanada: deskhero.caUnited Kingdom: prototypist.netChina: en.zfrontier.comAsia: thicthock.comOceania:
ColorsMorePurple: RAL 300 30 25
Orange: RAL 075 80 60
White: WS1

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* konstantin, NoPunIn10Did, DrHigsby and honorless for the awesome help with kitting
* ImperfectLink, sGhost, shenshen for helping with early renders
* Bachoo, hyurin and pwade for suggestions
* illu_Zn#1471 for the deskmat designs
* M&Co and TT for the discord channels
* Everyone else who helped in this long way :)


It is finally here!

Just pre-ordered the base and novelty sets.

Good luck with gb, glad you finally got to this point~

it's finally here...


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