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Hello!!! KeebsForAll checking in! We recently launched the FreeBird60 and it was a great success, thank you for all the support for that!
After much suggestions and tips, we have decided to make the FreeBird, a series of affordable but quality keyboards.

As we mentioned before, right when COVID-19 quarantine hit, we got into custom keyboard building, and was shocked to see everything all sold out with no date of re-stocking. Therefore, we decided to start KeebsForAll to try and fix those deficiencies ourselves! Our goal is start supplying the community with more in-stock products, faster GBs timeframes, and most important of all, high quality products at more affordable prices.

Our first keyboard project, the FreeBird60, surprisingly, had much more interest than expected. We have noticed that there are not that many affordable and quality TKL keyboards in the market, so we have decided to work on FB TKL as our next project, with Dingus and Taylor. Just like FB60, FB TKL will be an aluminum board, and it will be offered in 4 E-Coated colors.

Now, we introduce the FreeBirdTKL, budget-friendly TKL kit. Also offering WKL!!!
Mounting Style: Gummy O-ring or Top Mount
Typing Angle: 5 degrees

Group Buy Estimate Launch: November 2021

What comes with the kit?
We will be offering a full kit & case only kit.

Full Kit includes:

1. E-Coated Aluminum Case (Black, Navy, White, & Olive)
2. Switch Plate (Aluminum, POM, FR4, PC)
3. FBTKL Hot-Swap PCB (Both QMK & VIA Ready)
4. Durock V2 Screw-in Stabilizers
5. Silicon Case Dampener & Feet
6. USB-C Cable
7. Carrying Case
8. Screws & Gummy O-ring

Case Only Kit will include:

1. E-Coated Aluminum Case (Black, Navy, White, & Olive)
2. Silicon Case Dampener & Feet
3. Carrying Case
4. Screws & Gummy O-ring

Full Kit: ~220 USD
Case Only Kit: TBD (at least 120 USD)

Edit#1: Prototype is in production at the moment, there's no exact ETA, as they are prioritizing on the FB60 production, but *fingers crossed* soon.

We will not be doing a poll for choosing colors and switch plates, as we are going to proceed with the same colors and plates as FreeBird60. Only difference is the addition to PC Plate.
Olive: 5757CP
Navy: 2188CP

Join the waitlist here! People in the waitlist will get a 2 days early access, meaning they will receive priority in shipping!

Yes, we will be having international proxies.

Thank you & Credits to
Dingus for Case Design
Taylor for PCB Design
TheBlackHammer & oggi for Renders
All of our community members!!!

Join our Discord to get the quickest updates on this keyboard, as well as other upcoming projects!

really excited for this board the possible mount choices are also very nice

More Renders

FBTKL Hot-Swap Layout

H88 Solder PCB (Compatible with FBTKL Case & Supports ISO)

RA Can:
this is nice, is it compatible with other pcbs?


--- Quote from: RA Can on Wed, 15 September 2021, 19:40:00 ---this is nice, is it compatible with other pcbs?

--- End quote ---

Hey, thank you for the compliment, and yes, it is compatible with H88 PCB.  :)


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