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Facebook whistleblower Testimony

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She just said: AI is NOT intelligent.

Tp4, as a AI-sympathizer in the coming skynet wars is deeply offended by that statement. /grumpy


--- Quote from: suicidal_orange on Tue, 05 October 2021, 11:52:21 ---Having every fun thing anyone you met once shown to you daily would be depressing enough, having your phone beep at you randomly at any time to do the same would surely be hell.

Hmm... seems to be as much about calling for more censorship so morons are protected from misinformation.  I'm not going to comment on that.

--- End quote ---

The other thing they're pushing is,   _basically_  All children are morons... _Thus_  they need protection.

Well,,,, this is good, they want to ban influencers.  although... I don't see how movie stars are different.

This focus on eating disorders (anorexia). 

How come they don't talk about heart disease, is overeating not an eating disorder ?

If anything, Mcdonald/ Dominos pizza deals are arguably significantly more damaging to society.

Eating disorder: 10,000 deaths a year

Heart disease: 659,000 deaths a year

When Facebook started I thought that it looked like a website for cat pictures. My personal opinion has changed little since then, it always seemed creepy and weird to me.

I opened an account but I doubt that I have posted to it in a decade, and I could count the "friends" who are not related to me by blood on one hand. The only reason that I ever access it is that I have a photographer friend who posts photos there.

That said, my impression is that Facebook today is near the epicenter of the storm of depersonalization that has resulted from the interwebs in general and "social media" (I would call it "anti-social media" if I was the one coining the term) in particular.

Rules and regulations would not be necessary if people were not so gullible and relied on critical thinking to navigate life, but given the susceptibility and fragility of modern people overall and adolescents in particular, I believe that restrictions should be applied to an ecosystem that derives pure profit from mere engagement and rewards traffic by volume regardless of its content.

I strongly recommend this book, , a few years old now but still entirely relevant.


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