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Plate choice: Aluminum vs. FR4


This is with Durock Lavender (F+L) switch.
I've ordered both aluminum and FR4 plates for Frog TLK and obviously I'll be using only one of them.
Which plate do you think complements Lavender on the Frog TKL better ?


Mounted on aluminium.  (I'm not sure if I'll be bothered to desolder for FR4 plate)
Feels and sounds nice.

Nice countertops. Specs?

Frog TKL in Harbor Grey with GMK Apollo Command Module keycaps
- Durock Lavender switch
- SPRiT MX Slow Extreme I (65g) spring
- Gateron PCB mounted screw-in Ink Black stabilizers (HOLEE mod)
- KBDfans stabilizer foam sticker
- Aluminum plate
- 80A tadpole
- Deskeys switch film (white)
- Krytox GPL105 for spring
- Krytox GPL105+205G0 Mix (7:3) for stems and bottom housing
- Krytox GPL205G0 for stabilizers
- Poron switch pad (0.5mm)
- PCB foam (3mm Poron)
- Case foam (2mm Poron)


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