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Hello everyone! This is the first keycap set I've designed
Keycap set to pay homage to all those cozy memories sitting by an open fire (or stove),roasting marshmallows, and making S'mores.

Color Layout: Like when you squish the s'mores together you see the marshmallow and chocolate oozing out.

Please fill out this form if you're interested! 

Discord: There will be a discord if there is enough people interested in this Design!

Please keep in mind that everyone's monitor is different. This is an idea of what the colors will look like.
Waiting on another Pantone guide to finalize the colors
We were able to finalize the colors with the Pantone & RAL guide! We're looking into RAL to see if we'll find a match


Base Kit

Alt Alphas



Art by: abigailtan21


Renders (Click to enlarge)

Ikki68 Aurora by Wuque Studio

Fuji65 by CMM Studio

Nemui by Bachoo

Old Renders
MoreU80-A by Rama Works

Haus by Hand Engineering

To-Do List:
Add/Remove anything to improve set from feedback
Finish Novelties and create renders for novelties, spacebars, accents, etc.
Color match
Create IC form after improvements
Look for Vendors
Possible Collabs (You can message or email if you want to collab)

11/19/21 | Base Kit: Added 40s 3-Key support, Alice B, F13, Removed "00" | Will continue to work on kitting
11/23/21 | Fixed Alt Alphas and Spacebars
11/30/21 | Added Novelties and Deskmat designs & Finalized colors
12/14/21 | Made new renders with novelties

Kitting could really use some work. You show hiragana subs in board renders but don't have that on any of your kits. You don't have your colors listed, which makes me worried that you have not selected color references (pantone/ral) and are just using hex codes.

Please put this set back over the open fire and continue cooking it, it's still raw.


--- Quote ---Waiting on another Pantone guide to finalize the colors
--- End quote ---
Either you have Pantone Coated reference guide or you don't. If you don't have the guide in your hands, then don't list pantone colors.

On top of what Cylent said, your alt base should either be alt alphas or a full second base kit. I also would not recommend posting an IC here before your child kits are completed. At the very least all but novelties should be done.

Edit: there's not even an IC form...

It sounds about like you know what needs to be worked on with this set, but I would recommend completing most if not all of your "to do" list before posting this as a geekhack IC.
It's just a base kit and alt alphas... I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to be giving feedback on.

Geekhack needs to have ICs approved, change my mind


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