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[IC] GMK Zmō「自摸」- Hibi Metal Artisan Reveal | GB 5/5 to 6/6 2022

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I need this to fuel my gambling addiction
I want a monocolor set with Zhuyin sublegend. Accent and novelties' colors are inspired from Mahjong tiles.
All stock colors, so no colormatching needed (yay!). Colors used are photographed and listed below.


GMK Stock WS4 Cream (alphas), CR Black (legend and sublegends), P3 Red N7 Green V4 Blue.
Photo is taken under warm room light in my wife's dressing room vanity, using her phone.

GB Page

Group Buy will start May 8, 2022 May 5 to June 6, 2022

Renders may not picture actual colors of the keycaps but if you happen to have GMK stock color in your possession then the colors are the exact match of the said colors.

Received Quotes from GMK, US PRICING FINALIZED.

Zhǔ pi 主牌(Base Kit)
$129 USD. Huge thanks to HoodrowThrillson for pioneering the Zhuyin alpha sublegends!

Shsān yāo 十三幺(Novelties Kit)
$36 USD. Graphical images are going to be UV printed. Relegendables are blank and the red accent arrows are doubleshot.

Bibǎn 白板(Spacebars Kit)
$20 USD. If you're looking for extra B, it's already on the Base Kit.


LSET by Laur
Base Kit + Novelties on Cidān & Manuel deskmat

G1800 by sGhost
Base Kit + Novelties

TX60v2 by TxKeyboards
Base Kit + Novelties

DESKMAT Design & Prototype Photos

Cidān 菜單
Price: $20 USD
Note: Stitching will be green color just like Mahjong Manuel's

Mahjong Manuel
Price: $20 USD

HIBI Metal Artisan
Removable 6-sided Die, secured with grub on the back of the metal keycap.


MONOKEI Metal Artisan
Interchangeable white tops, secured with magnet. 3 Tops included (White Dragon, Red Dragon, Green Dragon Novelties).



USA: Mekibo
CHN/Worldwide: zFrontier
Hong Kong: Kibou.HK
EU: MyKeyboardsEU
OCE: Switchkeys
CAN: ApexKeyboards

Again, please leave feedbacks on the IC form below, comment on this thread,
or you can join my Discord
(find 2 more people so we can play Mahjong online).

IC Form
Join HHDailo's Discord

Thank you for your time and have a great day.

To Do's
Collecting IC responses.
Quote kit prices to manufacturer (GMK) after the kittings are cemented.

Would like to see some enter or bottom row novelties and maybe remove one of the 1u spacebars but other than that this is perfect. Great job  :thumb:

Props for having target prices this early on! Kitting looks great and I appreciate the use of stock colors. Having some novelties that aren't R1 would be nice. GLWIC!

Unique and fresh.

Pls, consider supporting HHKB 7u bottom row for Mac/Linux (2x 1.5 Super + second 1u Alt).

This do be thocky


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