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[IC] DCS Green Tea R3

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DCS Green Tea R3

DCS Green Tea is a classic set designed by Numiru that ran for two rounds back in 2014.  It is one of those classic sets that is timeless, yet hard to obtain due to the limited quantity made and how long ago it ran.  We reached out to Numiru and asked for permission to do a rerun of this set which he graciously allowed us to.  As soon as we received permission we reached out to OneCreativeMind to work on the novelties based on some of the classic novelties along with some new ideas and we think they came out great. 

Now if you are wondering who we are, I (Aiwanei) had reached out to Numiru about it and was given permission to run it and then I had reached out to Jae from ProtoTypist to discuss working on it with me and it turns out he had been working on this with Numiru back before Covid, but it was put to the side when priorities changed due to the pandemic, so I asked if he would like to help me reimagine the kitting of this set in a way that increases compatibility but makes it as affordable as we can.

We chose to use the modified Gorton font, unlike the original run since we feel Gorton is part of the DCS Character that makes it stand out vs the Cherry-like DCS front.  DCS Green Tea R3 uses the same stock ABS colors as the original run did: GTA, VBQ and WA.

Kits(Renders by Pwade3):
Base Kit ($100 Target Price)

Extension Kit ($30 Target Price)

Novelties Kit ($25 Target Price)

Numpad Kit ($25 Target Price)

Renders(Renders by Pwade3):
Frog Mini by Geon

PC TKL One by Hiney

Please Fill Out the IC Form
US: ThocKeys
UK: ProtoTypist
Others: TBA
Group Buy Schedule:
Thank You:
Thank you to Numiru most of all, for the wonderful set he originally designed and allowing me to reintroduce it to the modern audience, and giving me the freedom to make changes to it.
Thanks as well to Jae for being my partner on this project.
OneCreativeMind for the amazing novelties, so talented.
Pwade3 for the awesome renders
Melissa from Signature Plastics, for being such a wonderful liaison to the community and answering the few questions I had.

Missed opportunity to call it the Novelteas Kit  :D
Please add 2u spacebar to extensions!

As much as I like the standard DCS gorton font, I'd personally prefer the cherry replica legends the original runs had.

Cool set, I like. Completely forgot dcs green tea existed

awesome to see this coming back and glad you're going with the gorton modified font

may be cool to see some green/grey on white accents for some matcha latte vibes

good luck with the ic


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